In James Bay you can find lots of great local shops and eateries. There are many great services offered out of the James Bay Community Project such as Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, LifeLabs and many non-profit community support programs for all ages.

PARKING: unlike the rest of James Bay we have LOTS of FREE parking in the lot and on the street. Park in the lot out front of the James Bay Community Project or on any of the adjacent streets where there is 60-90 minute free parking.

ENTRANCE: please enter through the main James Bay Community Project entrance and look straight ahead for our clinic. When you enter our clinic, you'll notice something is missing, our receptionist Kayla works from home! (Technology, eh?). Please check in at our handy kiosk, take a seat, enjoy a mint and magazine and your therapist will come get you as soon as they are free.

**Please note that outside the hours of 8am and 4pm the main building entrance will be locked. Please arrive at the time of your scheduled appointment and your therapist will come let you in**